Data Management & Analytics

Data Management and Analytics

We help manage and harness your data by delivering data cleaning and management, retrieval and analysis, visualisation, interpretation and dash boarding.

Marketing analytics: We help our clients harness insights from their existing data as well as third party sources. Our team of analytics professionals have expertise in the following areas:

  • 1. Predictive modelling
  • 2. Evaluation of segments
  • 3. Web behaviour insights
  • 4. Path to conversion and conversion ratio
  • 5. Lead optimisation

Measurement, course correction and optimisation: Reporting: Based on the agreed KPIs established in a collaborative session, we set up three reporting milestones:

  • Weekly reporting: To monitor the data collection and establish trends over time.
  • Monthly reporting: To inform media performance and course correction in fund allocation.
  • Quarterly tracking: To evaluate the effectiveness of our strategy and introduce corrective measures where and when required.